Control the chaos of fleet operations with Trackfly Vehicle,
the all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes

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Vacuum sweeper trucks and pickup trucks comprise the All Care fleet. Sweepers are used to pick up trash and debris from retail, office andindustrial properties throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Theytypically run 6-9 routes each night and between 2-4 routes each day.

Some features to easy handle vehicle

  • Customer Management

    Automated data collection and administration to account all prospects of customers in one location. Information, data, reports, invoicing etc. concerning any customer can be accessed from anywhere. Mandatory monitoring of workflow and easy payment options for customers are facilitated.

  • Vehicle Management

    Take up full ascendency over your vehicle with GPS tracking and reports on vehicle and fuel management. With prompt and easy detection of your vehicle’s battery, fuel, maintenance and upgrades, there is no fear of incurring unwanted cost, time or energy. Alerts initiated for any unwanted functioning, over-speeding, exceeding fuel limit etc.

  • Driver Management

    Your vehicle or business is not at your drivers dispense anymore. You are alerted of any needs your vehicle. Fleet management keep vehicle idling in check, and dispose off any unnecessary costs or resources.

And more features

Control the chaos of fleet operations with Fleetio Manage, the all-in-one
fleet management software for fleets of all sizes.

Vehicle history trace

Easy GPS tracking of your fleet at your fingertips. From scheduled routes, timing, live tracking of your fleet to replay of history data, now it is right time to get smarter with your Smartphones.

Geo fencing

Exact your fleet location by digitally bounding it, through advanced GPS facilities. No detours or digressions, as our fleet management pinpoint the exact movements and locations of your vehicle.

Live tracking

No dodging your eyes. Intricate detailing and live reporting on each and every movement your fleet make.

We are available on most of the devices that you use.

Being accessible from anywhere on anytime account for the scalability of our business. We thus ensure maximum devices are connected to our services and you are not in any way hindered from reaching us.

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