Frequently Asked Questions


What really is Trackfly vehicle?

Trackfly vehicle is a new fleet management system, which assemble all the advanced technologies like GPS tracking, Geofencing, vehicle and driver management provisions etc., enabling you a better facility for the smooth handling of your business.

Is Trackfly vehicle a region-specific facility?

No folks, it is international and is accessible all across the globe. You can set timezone, date and currency as per your functioning country.

Which browsers does Trackfly vehicle support?

Trackflyvhicle is at its best with modern browsers, especially the latest versions like Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox 43 and higher, Safari 5.1 and higher, Chrome 22 and higher.

Subscription and billing

Is there a mobile app for Trackfly vehicle?

Embracing the advance of technology, Trackfly vehicle reach you through your mobile screens as well. Both iOS and Android support our app And helps you manage everything about your fleet with a few swipes.

How often does Trackfly vehicle release updates?

We are vigilant on any problem attributed to our technology and do everything needed to keep our services safe and bug free. We also release updates compatible to accommodate any new mode of technology in market, in our facility.

What are the modes of payment acceptable for Trackfly vehicle’s services?

E-payment modes are available where you could employ your Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX. Invoicing of bills with prepayment for an entire year is functioning, wherein special deductions are activated. We also accept payment in checks.

Import and export

Can I use Trackfly vehicle for personal vehicles?

Sure thing, you could keep track of your truck, ATV, boat etc. through our services.

What are your provisions for importing my data from my previous system or spreadsheet?

As long as all your vehicle information isn’t lost, just contact us. Let us see what we can do.


Where do I reach for any further details?

Just drop in an email at

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