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What improvements came in after their association with Trackfly??

The vehicle and driver management facility helped Company A to save huge amounts. They cut costs in fuel, employment and maintenance. It was not upto the driver to notify them of any maintenance required for their vehicle or to decide when to idle around in it. But joining Trackfly soothed out this issue, as they were readily alerted of any requirements, be it development, upgrades or maintenance, of the vehicle, leaving the decisions at their dispose. You have well planned out and optimized routes without many digressions. And you are ably equipped to allocate your vehicle and estimations corresponding its time and location.

Trackfly is a performance enhancer with its catalytic analysis on better business options to bring out the best potential results. You have odometer to highlight any unwanted expenditure of fuel, clear mapping facilities and able designs to decide what, how much and when something is needed.

Association with Trackfly enabled Company A to save upto 10-15% of fuel and thereby pump it into our ROI ratio. Company A also managed to discard any chances at repairs and thereby saving a lot more than previous year records of expenditure on repairs.

Geofencing facilities provided by the provider helped Company A to exact how much time each station take up and instruct the employees accordingly. Any unwanted delays are obliterated even before they crop up. With optimized time schedule at your hand, it is easy for to convene orders and meeting with your clients.

With super transparency of services and higher visibly of functioning Trackfly opened up new chances for Company A. With a great support team to back them up wherever they fall short, no wther is no looking back for Company A.

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